Frozen Drain Sewer Thawing

Emergency Rooter, Frozen Drain Sewer Thawing Services of MinnesotaProfessional Frozen Drain Sewer Thawing. Frozen pipes can be quite frustrating and then there is the fear that the pipes could burst, causing a very expensive situation.

When water freezes in a pipe, the ice expands and blocks the line. The pressure on that line can be rather extreme and cause the pipe to crack or break. When the ice thaws, this can cause an issue. Sometimes there may be water behind the ice and the crack or break immediately causes water to escape.

If you notice that your pipes are frozen, it is very important to call our Minneapolis drain and sewer cleaning company as soon as possible. We can properly thaw your frozen drain or sewer so that the chances of the pipes cracking or breaking are greatly reduced. Many times when thawed the right way, breaks can be prevented. However, it is important to note that break prevention also depends on the condition of the pipe prior to the freeze.

When your drain or sewer pipes freeze, they are not going to work the way that they are supposed to, here are some things you can do until we get there to thaw your pipes:

Don’t use your drains or flush your toilets while experiencing the issue. No liquid should be sent down your drains. If the drains are used while frozen, this adds to the amount of pressure on the pipe and increases the chances of the pipes breaking.

Don’t try to unthaw the pipes yourself, as this could lead to breakage. Many individuals will try using a blowtorch to unthaw their pipes, but the fact is that ice may not be the issue and this could cause serious preventable damage to the pipes. Our technicians use video inspection to determine what the actual problem is so that the right solution can be used. This reduces the changes that the pipes will be damaged in some way.

When we determine that the issue is a frozen drain or sewer, our Minneapolis drain and sewer cleaning company can implement preventative measures to keep your drains and sewers from freezing in the future. There are various things that can be done to keep the pipes from being exposed to the cold, such as insulation or better temperature control. We will evaluate the problem so that we can advise you of your options. Once you choose an option, we can do what you want us to do to make sure you don’t have to deal with frozen drain and sewer pipes again.

When you have a frozen drain or sewer, the situation can be a very frustrating one since the ice keeps anything from flowing through the drain or sewer pipe. The good news is that your frozen drain or sewer can be thawed out and that means it can flow again.

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